Did you say this topic is not worth writing about? That who doesn’t know that a lady should sit and watch her legs? If it is true that charity begins at home, and that our ladies need to imbibe a decent culture at all times, then you had better have a look at this. Well, it may surprise you to hear that some ladies are careless when it comes to that. Some easily forget to close their legs while on seat, there by embarrassing the person sitting opposite.

Most often, you don’t blame such ladies because this is the very etiquette that should begin at home. The first teacher in the world of a child is the mother. It is the duty of a mother to tell her daughter as early as age three to close her legs anytime she sits carelessly. Yes, teachers carry out the discipline in the school but this should start at home because the child takes the first impression of the world from the parents. But it is unfortunate that some mothers are even victims of this loathe some habit, how much more correcting their children. However it is never too late to correct it now.

If you have noticed that you are always reminded of closing your legs by friends or colleagues, it then means you are a victim of this habit or carefree attitude. Meaning that you may have been sitting like that before your male colleagues who may not have the courage to tell you your pant is on display. Too bad!

The only way to curb this habit is by crossing your legs whenever you are seated. Just be conscious of it. It is true that when a woman is heavily pregnant, nurses would frown at her sitting down and crossing legs. They would tell you to just relax your legs for the comfort of your unborn baby. But remember as a pregnant woman or expectant mum, you would be dotting maternity gown which is free and roomy enough to cover you from head to toe.

•But, when you are not pregnant, cross your legs and make sure the person sitting opposite is not seeing anything that would embarrass him.

•If your skirt is above your knees, you may use your silky scarf and place your handbag on your laps.

•If you need to just cross your ankles to be properly seated, why not? Just be conscious of the way you sit, remember you are a lady.