To many a Christian the world over , Pastor Enoch Adeboye is an epitome of holiness as such many believe every twenty four hours of his life is spent on his kneels praying or reading the bible; with no desire or understanding of the circular world around him.


The last of his four sons and his personal assistant, Leke Adeboye, has revealed otherwise, the assistant Pastor and father of four has revealed that his father and general over seer of The Redeemed christen church of God loves fishing, trained rides and James Bond movies.

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Yes! James Bond movies, and he has over fifty of the titles of the American franchised movie

“He likes to fish, so every single house that we’ve had on the camp has a fish pond behind it. It is very relaxing. He likes to go for walks. He likes train rides; thank God the railways are being developed back in Nigeria.

But any time we are outside Nigeria, he prefers to go by train to most places, because you get to see the countryside and have a different view of life than just being in the car all the time.

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And we watch movies, but not corrupt ones. We watch Mount Zion movies too, but not necessarily hundred per cent Christian movies all the time, because you would be caging yourself and you are not engaging in the reality of what other people are experiencing as well.

He is a huge fan of James Bond, so we have a collection of more than 50 James Bond movies. I even have one in my house just in case he comes to visit me and that’s what he wants to watch.” He revealed ©