Contrary to widespread reports in the media few days back that ace comedian,Koffi Ayinde Idowu Nuel, aka  Koffi, had just acquired a new filling station, the laughter merchant has come out to deny the news in the strongest of terms, especially because according to him, it opens him to armed robbery attacks! Obviuosly, he was misunderstood when he posted this on his Instagram page:

As the congratulatory messages bagan to pour in, the Spluffik proponent quickly switched to denial mode, begging those hailing his reported ‘achievement’ not to implicate him and make armed robbers start noticing him.

More reactions:

talktomelodyWow congratulations big boss.

koffithaguru@brazo_tijani I no buy fuel station o brazo

miz_bamiCongrats bro

cosonnigeriaIt’s already all over the blogs @koffithaguru ??????

koffithaguru@cosonnigeria ah make dem stop that rough play o

koffithaguruBiko don’t let Armed robbers con visit me again I didn’t buy fuel station my sarcastic post refers to the #freefuel tag cuz I know the owners and helped with the unveiling

reggie_craftCongratulations Bros @koffithaguru more blessings in Jesus name Amen

kakakiafricaHaha. Had to come confirm.

onalizingLol. Blogs sha. Boss dem don spread the gist oo, me sef been wan congratulate you.

koffithaguru@onalizing I go still say Amen. Voice of people is the voice of God

We bet next time Koffi won’t try a post like this, because he might not have the time to respond before the queue of beggars (robbers?) attack his base. Careful, Koffi!