Azeez Adeshina Akinpelu aka Dotstar or Lagosboi is a young talented voice from North West London but he has come a very long way from nappies and a baby’s bottle. Growing up in a one bedroom flat in East London’s Hackney Adeshina was forced to manage the small things that he had. His parents were not millionaires but they would do everything to keep Adeshina smiling, buying him pianos, drums, guitars and his very first Michael Jackson Double CD was the start of what lead him to become what he is today. Dotstar’s music conveys a great deal of African influence and this is because of his background. Regularly visiting the motherland to see family and receive inspiration he is extremely proud of his roots. But don’t let Dotstar’s young face fool you, now 18, Adeshina has grown into a matured artist, writing and performing concept and dance songs. He is currently working on his album (Untitled) and his mixtape (Introducing:Lagosboi Vol.1) while promoting his second single ‘She’s Killing Me’, here’s the video below: