Shooting stars are the awesome impact left behind from a collision of earth and rocks. If you’re lucky, you encounter one in real life — a physical being with a high energy force-field, good looks and charm, colliding with the world and leaving a shower of brilliant light in its wake.

That is what those in showbusiness call ‘star quality’ and Iretilola Doyle definitely has it. She possesses a particular je ne sais quoi, characteristic of seasoned thespians. She is dramatic, laughs heartily, speaks with her hands, and has a classic, old-school flair.

She is an actress, television producer and broadcast presenter, a triple threat of sorts in the burgeoning Nigerian media industry, who seamlessly blends her additional roles as mother, wife and mentor.

Rise and Shine
Of the many roles she assumes, her most recent is that of television presenter. Every morning on the Silverbird channel, her light shines as she interviews personalities and ushers in another busy Nigerian day. She took on this role about a year and a half ago and admits it has its challenges.

“I’m very busy in the mornings because of the Breakfast Show,” she says. Up by 4.00 a.m., on time to air live at 7.30 a.m., she works her magic until 10.00 a.m. when she’s off to another engagement — a meeting or photo-shoot — hopefully wrapping up before her “madam” gets home from school. This “madam” is her five-year-old daughter, the youngest of the Doyle clan, who naturally overwhelms her mother’s fascinations.

“It’s like, here is this little person, she is growing and becoming an individual.” And her daughter has developed a keen interest in Disney channel acting sensation, Hannah Montana, requesting the star’s appearance at her sixth birthday party.

When Ireti’s not playing mummy, or smiling at you through the television screen, she is on stage acting. She raves about her love for the stage; the adrenaline rush that accompanies belting a series of lines to a live audience is apparently awe-inspiring, and it is easy to see why she adores the bright stage lights.

“The stage has all the energy and instant gratification of performing, it’s about having the audience in the palm of your hand,” she explains.

Her last stage role was that of Narrator in the modern dance drama, ‘The Eye of The Tiger’, and there are more projects in the pipeline, both on and off the stage

The Beauty and the Brain
Ireti is a statuesque 5ft 7in. Her style sense incorporates modern silhouettes with a touch of drama. Today, she’s stylish in her plain black dress and ginormous cocktail ring. “My sense of style is classic, dramatic,” she proclaims.

Working in the television industry requires that her skin look good at all times. Her image is broadcast far and wide in close ups, wide camera angles and photographs, so it’s important that she feels confident underneath the makeup artist’s work.

She knows what works for her and explains “I need to take special care of my skin and my face, but my beauty routine is very simple, no high falluting stuff.”

Ireti Doyle graduated from the University of Jos with a degree in Mass Communications, following up with another in Theatre Arts; the start of her journey towards becoming a renowned actress in the industry.

Since then, she has been featured in theatre productions, television soaps and Nollywood movies, lending her talent to “Riddles and Hopes”, “Jaded Options”, “The Vagina Monologues” and “Sitanda”, just to name a few.

The African Movie Awards recognised her work in 2008 and 2009, nominating her twice in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Category. “My goal was to become one of the best actresses in Nigeria and I’ve accomplished that to a certain extent, but as you mature your goals change.

It becomes about making the world a better place and becoming a better person within your sphere of influence and shining your light on the world.”

Married to the Boss
Ireti runs a production company along with her husband, Patrick Doyle. She is married to the boss, or rather, “he married me,” she playfully quips before expounding on the joys of marriage, motherhood and her appreciation for the blessed family life she shares with her husband and 6 children.

“The best part about being married is having a partner, someone who has your back 110%.” This unfailing love and unconditional support from her family and God, is what has helped Ireti catapult herself into the world of show-business and sustained her sanity thus far.

Under the umbrella of Patrick Doyle Media, ‘Oge’, the television show was birthed. “The main purpose of the show is to provide television content that is creative and stylish; Oge is the Yoruba word for style,” she explains.

Ireti has used her show as a platform for local designers who wish to showcase their creations to the world. She loves fashion and sees the importance of using available media to express our culture and promote our overall story.

The television show has been airing re-runs and she admits that her busy schedule has played a part in this. “We are in the process of redesigning and doing some serious rehauling for the show, and hopefully, by the time I’m done it will be more visually pleasing and creative.”

Words of Advice
Ireti has tenure and respect within the sphere of television production, movie making and broadcast. She has a positive outlook on the state of the Nigerian movie industry as a whole, particularly crediting the Yoruba filmmaking sector for their contributions. “Yoruba storytelling is fantastic and they do us proud as vehicles promoting our culture and our way.

They tend to pay close attention to detail.” With a resume that boasts work alongside the best and brightest in stage, television and behind the screens, she offers sound advice for up and coming performers with big dreams of conquering the media industry. “You have to be able to market your creativity, but get an education first and foremost. Watch the people who are the best, watch how they are doing it and never settle for mediocrity.

You’ve got to pay your dues and go through it before you reach success.” Ireti is speaking; those who seek her meteoric success would do well to listen