Nigerian actress Mary Remmy Njoku has said that Nigeria is now a place where unqualified cosmetic surgeons come to after leaving other countries.

She stated this on her Instagram page on Friday, I’m reaction to the death of a young lady after a cosmetic surgery gone wrong. The post read,

“When supposedly great COSMETIC surgeons who claim they schooled abroad and have a license to practice there move to Nigeria and earn in Naira charging 70% less. Buy and get one free: Ask WHY

I. Are they patriotic and want to give back by saving lives? 2. Do they hate money? 3. Or do they need place where Lives don’t matter. Bu@her people and continue practice? 4. Police dey find them for abroad? They aren’t good enough to practice there?”

She then captioned the post, “Nigeria is a safe haven for bad IJGB cos-surgeons. Small accent and you are in business. Thanks to gullible Nigerians who make sure they continue Killing people by BLAMING THE VICTIMs. SAD. To those very few doctors who come home save lives.“

This is coming after former Big Brother Naija housemate, Alex shared her opinion regarding the issue, stating,

“In my opinion, if it is not due to health condition and you wake up and then choose to go for cosmetic surgery to add bum, touch your face or one of those mum things, you are an insecure person. I also admire your courageousness as that life risk takes a lot of it but what if you had gone through the route of determination and discipline, I believe that body is achievable. My friends already know my take on this.”

Mary further wrote that going for cosmetic surgery doesn’t automatically make the person a bad person but, he or she does need to build self-love.