Nollywood goddess, Jackie Appiah is a delight of every movie lover in Africa any day. The beautiful and sexy woman who has been shuttling between Nigeria and Ghana for movie shoots revealed recently that she had never been in a rush to leave Nigeria; the reason is that, Nigeria has always been her second home.

“Nigeria is my second home, so I love working here. Whenever I am here working it is like I am working back home in Ghana. I would say my working here as compared to my working in Ghana is 50, 50. In short, I could say that I work here more than I do in Ghana. This is my second home so I am not in a rush to go back.” She said

Jackie who also talked on her acting abilities as far as outstanding qualities to have still maintained the status as most sought after actress in Africa despite her marital status,“ what stand me out in acting, is not quite known to me. There are so many people saying that they love my eyes, the way I roll my eyes, the way I smile, my cheek. So I suspect I interest different people in different ways.”

The actress who claimed to be God fearing and would have done Law as a profession if she had not taken to movie, concluded her chat with us sharing view on the possibility of Nollywood and Ghollywood merging as one single bigger industry.

Hear her, “we are already merging. We have been doing joint collaborations, even before I came into the industry. It will continue to grow in that direction. I believe in one big family as far as Nollywood and Ghollywood are concerned. As you must know it is closer coming from Ghana to Lagos than travelling by air from Abuja to Lagos. Nigeria and Ghana are one. And I am happy when we do joint collaborations because most Ghanaians are happy when they see us in Nigerian movies, which also apply to the other way.”

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