Friday, 15th of December has come and gone but its memory would remain indelible in the hearts of many, such as the winner of the 2017 edition of Nigeria’s Next Super Model,(NNSM) Oyinade Onyikansola Omotosho who took home a brand new Hyundai vehicle and one (1) million naira.


The beauty queen, who has a facial look more reminiscent of the Fulanis but hails from Osun State, could not hold back her tears as she was declared the winner of the prestigious modeling event.

Not left alone in the happy-triggered spectacle was her mother, who went into tongue-speaking, praying and praising God for his night of favour upon her child. Oyin’s father became a photographer taking all shots that has to do with his beautiful daughter, walking the runway.


After been crowned the reigning model on the shelves of Isis Models, the 19-year-old told the media she never thought she could be the winner.

She said amidst tears, “I didn’t expect to be the winner. I thank God for making me the winner. I can’t express myself better now. I am overwhelmed. I just give all the praise to God.”

The host of the night was Sabrina Bella, another former Nigeria’s Next Super Model contestant.

1st Runner up, Oguntuwashe Abidemi and the 2nd Runner up, Ngozi Arimoku who had overnight become a celebrated former plantain seller now super model.

Isis Models’ boss Mrs Joan Okorodudu told the guests at the event that the lass was found in the streets of Sapele in October, 2017 by a celebrity journalist, Emmanuel Omene-Johnson and brought to her.

Ngozi, who is visually impaired, is now signed to Isis Models Africa in Johannesburg, which is the proprietary owner of NNSM. Ngozi’s story is just one of many that serve to inspire hope in young girls and women in Nigeria and across Africa.

She hails from Igbanke, in Delta State.


Other winners for the night were 3rd and 4th Runners up: Diana Nole and Mary Ata Azuzu Kira respectively.

Over the past ten years since its inception, Isis Models’ NNSM under its CEO, Mrs Okorodudu has become the haven for young girls, most of whom have lost prospect of finding their way into the modeling industry or making meaning out of life.

NNSM has the reputation of taking off the street-sides of Nigeria, from Ajegunle in Lagos to Warri and Sapele in Delta State young talents that would have been consumed by the unfriendly world around them.

Joan stated on the night, “I would not stop looking for our young girls and taking them off the streets. It’s my resolve to that and help give meaning to their lives. I started this long ago and would continue until my last breathe. Today is another success. It came with more improvement. The years to come would definitely be better.”


The judges for the event were Bunmi Ademokoya, Anastasia Ubietu and Nnena Anozie of Escape Magazine.

The top 10 contestants were awarded contracts to Isis Models Africa, Johannesburg.

Notable guests in attendance were Hadjia Lamin Tumaka Director at NIMASA, T,Oke Maduewesi MD of Zaron Cosmetics, Aju Elumelu James, Data Okorodudu, Fifi Usman, Mr Mahogany of Mahogany production, Mr. Sola Oyebade, Laura Ikeji, Ms. Dabota Lawson, Bryan Ikenna Okwara and Meg Alabi.