These days in the Nigerian music industry, there have been tremendous change that fans are now left with no choice but to go for the fast clubs beats that is being chunked out daily by the artiste.

Although, not many of these artistes pay quality attention to their lyrical content but when it comes to beat, the producers behind these sounds are always on point helping make these artistes relevant in the industry.

Retired Nigerian US based singer, Lanre Dabiri better known as Eldee The Don, is currently thinking of creative ways by which he can help some Nigerian producers get their works across border.

The singer explained that he recently heard some Nigerian beats in some studios in Atlanta but no Nigerian artiste was seen around suggesting that the works of some producers are being stolen and modified.

In his words, “I’m hearing naija beats in every other music studio/session in Atlanta but no Naija artists in the room. Wave is about to be snatched. Shaking my head.”