Mariah Adejokun is a 24 years old British-Nigerian beauty queen, who almost died from a rare allergic reaction to eye drops  that was given to her by her doctor in London  which caused her skin to fall off. She had gone to see the doctor because of an itchy eye but ended up in a medically-induced coma for a month., Marian once came second in Miss Teen Africa beauty pageant.

Mariah’s mother, Remi Adejokun, said  “I hate to say that but there were so many blisters her skin was just tearing off. I looked at her and I was so scared she was going to burst open. I saw death knocking at my daughter’s door, all because of an eye drop.”

Mariah said: “Unknown to me, I had a rare, deadly allergy to eye drops and shockingly, after using it, all of my skin peeled off from head to toe.”

She said: “I am so happy to be alive and share my unique story. No matter what the struggles may be, one has to believe in themselves and have a positive attitude towards life.

“I see my story as a positive one. I believe this will inspire a lot of youths to be grateful for what they have. Even more so, to fulfil their purpose in life and be a blessing to someone else. My motto is ‘believe in yourself and follow your dreams’.”