“The problem we have in the country Nigeria, is knowledge dissemination. Government don’t speak in the language other tribes in Nigeria can understand.

 I’m saying to the government, let there be proper literacy, financial literacy, deregulation literacy, any policy that will be brought out, let the people be well educated about it in the language they will understand,” these were the exact words of the General overseer of Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministries, Pastor Wole Oladiyun.

Pastor Wole, who has been one of those men of God who does not support any political party but always of the opinion for anyone who chose to make a Godly difference in such sector to step in, during his Sunday ministration service appealed to Nigerians to understand the reformation process the country was going through.

He took out some minutes to enlighten his congregations about on the true meaning of deregulation as he explained that the government and the agencies in charge are to be held responsible for not giving proper enlightenment to those who do not really understand what is going on in the country.

“When we are talking of deregulation, it sounds like a very big English but lets break it down. When the government of a nation is in total control of the oil sector, deregulation there will bring some restrictions to the people in the private sector. This is the time we need those that studied Economy so they can sit down and programme the challenges of Nigeria into what I call an “Economy Chess Board” and then give us possible suggestions.

“‘Deregulation’ means removing government control and restrictions from the operation, distribution, storage and marketing of these petroleum products. Many people are crying that what is happening in Nigeria now? The fuel subsidy removal is generating reactions from Nigerians while some are reacting without knowing what it is all about. Note, anything that happens has advantages and disadvantages. When you weigh the advantages and it outweighs the disadvantages then there is hope. Not that we will not suffer pains, it’s just like a woman who carries her baby for 9 months, she must suffer that pains before the joy comes. So we are unbreakable and I will advice Nigerians to be calm and not make problems at all because the end product will be joyful,” the man of God noted.

He added that every policy the government wants to bring out must be made into the major languages so that the pepper seller in ogbomosho will understand and prepare his/her mind for what is coming.