A Nigerian couple has been recently arrested in the UK for alleged human trafficking.This couple are being accused of trafficking one iyambo olatunji their 37-year-old nanny into the United Kingdom.

Ayodeji and Abimbola Adewakun are accused of allegedly brutalizing their nanny over salary disputes.

Mrs Ayodeji Adewakun and her husband has been arrested in the United Kingdom for crimes ranging from human trafficking and domestic abuse of their nanny.

According to sources,the couple brought mrs iyambo to the UK to work as their nanny and she works for 18 long hours.They alegedly beat up the woman after she requested for an increase in salary for her work.

It was gathered that the couple pay iyambo 20 pounds (N8,140) per week to baby sit their 2 kids at their home in Erith, South East London.

The 37-year-old nanny told Southwark Crown court that the Nigerian couple force her to work long hours,clean the house and prepare their dinner for them.

The nanny who was initially promised a pay of 450 pounds (N183,150) per month claimed that rather than increase her pay as asked,her employers took to assaulting her.

She furter explained that the couple met her in her home town of Ondo State where she was working as a secretary for 40,000NGN

Mrs Adewakun invited iyambo who was working as a house keeper for her family in 1990 to make the trip to London to work as a babysitter.

She further said that Ayodeji’s brother accompanied her to the British Embassy to secure their international passport and held onto it until they landed in the UK.

Iyambo added she was made to get up at 6am to make sure the children are fed and then they are off to school before tidying the house during the day and preparing dinner later.

According to her,she was slapped three times by the employees when she asked for more money as she worked extra long hours.

Doctor Adewakun and her husband Abimbola has however denied obtaining services by deception and trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation.
Wonders they say will never end.