Whether we like it or not the unfortunate relationship between Ghana and Nigeria has come to stay.

Whiles major stakeholders in the Ghanaian and Nigerian Movie Industries try so hard to let the relationship between the two countries grow and flourish, other quarters are making sure the above does not t materialize for their own selfish gains.

Thanks to Ecowas, both countries have invaded each other to derive and tap into the rich experience of professionals from both sides. Information reaching us has it that the working relationship between Mr. Ifeanyi Onyeabor (Mr. Hollywood) the celebrated Nigerian movie director and Khareema Aguiar has gone sour.

According to the actress who played Jessica in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ‘Check Mate’, the Nigerian director called her a devil without any cause. The actress promises not to go back to location again until the director has apologized to her.

Calm Khareema, who is on location shooting a movie with the working title ‘Shadow In My Back’ with the character name ‘Shaviva’ in a phone conversation with GhanaCelebrities.com narrated what transpired before she was labeled as a devil.

“We are lodged in a hotel at Dzorwulu and we are normally called as early as 5:30am to be ready for location”.
“On Wednesday, the call came earlier than expected with the information that we will be shooting somewhere in Sahara, Dansoman” she pointed out.

In a company of another actress Kafui, they started the journey from Dzorwulu to Dansoman. They got to the said location and waited for hours without the production crew showing up. “With Kafui, a colleague actress on the steering wheel, we started the journey. We got to Sahara and waited for only God knows how many hours without any sign of them showing up”.

Khareema who is playing the leading role in the movie then asked Kafui to call the production manager who goes by the name Zoree. They were told the shooting has been changed from Dansoman to Sakumono. According to Khareema, she didn’t call the production manager herself because they had a misunderstanding over food, so they were not on talking terms.

“I had a problem with the production manager, so we don’t talk that much so I asked Kafui to call him, only to be told of the change of location and yet nobody cared enough to call to tell us” Khareema narrated. When they finally got to Sakumono, Ifeanyi Onyeabor who has been known as nonsense got furious and started ruining insults on her. Khareema tried as hard as she can to explain what caused their delay but to no avail.

“Ifeanyi Onyeabor started screaming, yelling and insulting me, even though it was not my fault. I told him it’s not my fault but he said he won’t blame anyone but me. He said you are a devil, Jackie Appiah and Nadia Buari will not do this on set”. The actress fought back “That’s why I am not Jackie or Nadia and moreover I didn’t come begging for the role”.

However, after several exchanges, Khareema asked him if he just called her a devil and Ifeanyi Onyeabor repeated in an affirmative. The actress has since decided not to be part of the production.
Khareema is one of the up coming actresses in Ghana.

She played Angela in the ‘All That Glitters’ series which was shown in Ghana, Jamaica, the United Kingdom and Nigeria. The actress has worked as a news reader and entertainment presenter at Happy FM and Hitz FM respectively.