The research of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization shows that India still produces the most films in the world, but Nigeria has taken America’s place to produce the second most films in the world. Winter’s Most First-Grade bags Street
FashionAccording to the global film industry survey, 1091 movies were shot in Bollywood in 2006, while Nigeria recorded 872 (including TV, movies),and we can call Nigeria’s moviemakers as Nollywood.America ranked third with 485 movies annually, followed by Japan with 417 movies, China with 330 movies, France with 203 movies, Germany with 174 movies, Spain with 150 movies, Italy with 116 movies, South Korea with 110 movies and Britain with 104 movies.

Nigerian film’s prosperity depends on its massive home video and television industry, movie industry, which greatly reduced the cost of film production.As the survey points out, Nigeria has virtually no formal film industry, with about 99% of films produced and issued by informal companies.In Nigeria, there are many so-called “home theater”, 56% Nigeria film using the native language,the other 44% are done in English,The English language film has contributed a lot for the exports of Nigeria’s movies.

UNESCO official said: “These films are excellent examples for the cultural industries as communication channels,they can enhance people’s understanding with each other.These films have precious values for those people who want to know the Nigerian culture.”

No matter how, English is still the main language among the global films.As recorded, there are 36% of films around the world being directed by English. American films’s influence to the world has still been at the top.Theaters from Austrilia, Bulgaria, Canada, Costarica, Namibia, Rumania and Slovenia are all dominated by Hollywood.Although the number of Bollywood movies is large, most of them are only seen in India and its neighboring areas.