Nigerian musician, David Adeleke widely regarded as Davido has bared his minds on the challenges of going global with his local music. Singer, Davido, has stressed the importance of doing things the way one knows how to and stay dedicated to one’s craft.

The former Sony Music Entertainment artiste said that he has already made more money this year than he did last year because he was able to break free of the shackles that held him last year. 

Speaking at the home of contestants in a popular reality game show, the father of one noted that after signing his Sony deal last year, he was asked to ‘westernise’ his sound in a bid to make him appeal to the Americans but the move cost him as his fans on the continent didn’t really ‘feel’ him.

But at the turn of the year, following the sack of his manager, Kamal Ajiboye, the singer dropped a new single, ‘IF’ which saw him return to his regular music style that earned him fame and fortune. And in a short while, the song has topped charts in Nigeria and beyond.

Explaining how he decided to call Sony’s bluff, he said, “You know that last year I signed the deal and the deal held me. They no wan make I drop music wey I know how to make. They were dictating to me how they wanted me to make music.

“But in December I switch am for them say omo, f*ck-off mehn, I’m doing what I have to do and I went back to local.

“The money wey I don make, from January till now e don pass the moni wey I see last year.

“Anyday you gats do what you gats do. Chris Brown no fit do Naija music pass me, me I no fit do hin own pass am.”