Nigerian singer, Solid Star is no push aside in the music industry as he has successfully built his own brand in the entertainment industry.

Solid star has being under blast since he released the name of his forth coming album as ‘WEED’ and many has misinterpreted the meaning and concept behind the title.

He tried explaining that he wasn’t referring to weed that people smoke but weed in the context of grass.

In a recent post, while talking about his yet to be released album, he boasted about it saying, it would be one of the best album in the year.

In his words: “As my beautiful fans patiently wait for my album ‘WEED’, I am proud to announce the album is in its finishing stages. I really can’t wait for y’all to feel this amazing body of work I’ve dedicated all my time and creativity to! And I’m confident to say it’d be one of the best album ever. ‘WEED’ 2016. We are taking over!”