Screen diva, best actress of the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2008, one of the most respected artistes in Nollywood, lovely and pleasant Kate Henshaw-Nuttall spoke to Kehinde Falode on style.

Style to me

Style for me is something simple and that makes me really comfortable, and I don’t really plan what I am going to wear; sometimes I will consider the venue and the number of places I will be visiting; like today, I have been to four events. So, I wear something that is convenient, comfortable and something that can fit into the whole events.

Personal style

My personal style is comfort; comfortability is my watchword and mostly, I wear jeans, except for some special occasions when I have to dress up to church on Sundays…ish attires but I am very happy with Ankara …I have a lady who I buy a lot of Ankara from and she is fantastic.

Favourite local fabric

It is Ankara. Ankara is our own, and Ghana has being…their Kente since how many years? We have just opened our eyes and discovered what Ankara can do. So, I am really happy, whoever started the Ankara revolution, God will bless the person.

Fashion items I can’t leave home without

I wouldn’t leave the house naked. I must wear my jeans and I must have (carry) my handbag.

Is handbag compulsory?

I must because it will look as if I am empty; moreover, where am I going to put my powder, lip gloss and my phones?

Fashion item I can never be caught with

You can’t see me in bikinis

What of on the beach?

I will certainly wear a pant (tight/leggings) and that is if I must wear a bikini.

Favourite colour

I am into a lot of colours; before it used to be white but now I am into red, orange, pink, green, black; but I love white. I have lots of white trousers, white tops, white shirts and white spaghetti.

Why all this about white?

Because it is clean; if white is dirty (stained), you will see it from a long distance.

Favourite jewelry

My rings, I love rings.

Favourite shoes and bag designer

Oh God, I have feet. So, whoever made shoes for big sizes like Calvin Klein, Raymond Spencer, Marc Jacobs are my favourites, they have size 11 which is my size. I don’t care how much it costs.

On label

I am not a label freak. I may have enough bags or clothes but I am not really the type that says if it’s not M &J, CK or Aldo etc I won’t wear; it, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, it is not always the best.

Where I shop for clothes?

I am into Ankara, when I travel to UK or America, I buy my clothes, apart from this, I have plenty of Ankara.

Favourite fashion designer

Frank Oshodi. Frank gets your body and he will shape it down. The man is good. TAE, she is a lady in Ikeja, she makes very nice outfits.

What makes you happy?

People that are happy, people that are smiling; you may smile and somebody that is having a bad day will also smile and forget for that moment what they are going through.

Where is the most fashionable place you have ever been in the world?

Paris, Time Avenue, Chandelier. Even the dining table, the way they dress etc they have good couture.

What word describes you?

Truthful, fun loving and extrovert

How they relate to me

I am simple; I am not extravagant in my mode of dressing. I love to have fun; I laugh a lot and love to be myself, very plain. I like to go out and enjoy myself with friends, read book and I like traveling a lot, always. At least three to four times a year, I am out of this country.

You have good skin, what is the secret?

Thank you. I look after it; I go to beauty concerns in V.I. I use original products and dafida. I take care of myself; I scrub, massage, do my facial religiously and visit the spa.

Who are the three Nigerian women whose style appeals to you?

Ibidun Ighodalo (Nee Ajayi), former beauty queen. I like her sense of style because she is simple at the same time stylish. Rita Dominic who recently won the award for the best dressed actress and Aunty Betty Irabor. Most of our women out there, their dressing is over the top, too much jewelry, make up etc.

What is simplest fashion item in your wardrobe?

My spaghetti tops.

Last beauty thing I do before going to bed

Take off this entire make –up, you must, because it clogs the skin. Wash my face with a facial wash and moisturize, so, that the skin rejuvenates. It is very important, never ever go to bed with make-up on your face; if you wake up with it, you will certainly break up with acnes (pimples) two or three days after, because your skin is blocked and it is not breathing.