Although I will personally think twice before investing $ 90,000 into a car, I see nothing wrong with a celebrity investing her personal money into a car since lot of Hollywood celebrities and Nollywood celebrities are riding in over $ 900,000 worth of cars.

Kafui Danku has not been too comfortable right from the day the article was published on NigeriaFilms.Com and also picked by various websites in Ghana and Nigeria. In her reply to the article, she stated and we quote; “you should have asked me to give you the permission before you publish the article”. I don’t know if we at were supposed to have asked for permission before making such a publication, but she insists we should have.

According to angered Kafui, she doesn’t like the kind of messages some of the Nigerian commentators are texting her with and posting on line.

Majority of the comments that found foot on; Are not favorable to our Ghanaian celeb. would like to put it to the Nigerian movie fans that, there are lots of Nollywood celebrities who are riding in over $ 90,000 cars. Have you ever seen the cars Nigerian celebs like Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, Director Frank Rajah and Producer Abdul Salam Mumuni and others ride in? We shall publish the prices of their cars on very soon.

However, wants to know if it’s not on to write about the ostentatious living of our own (Ghanaian) celebrities? And are the Nigerian fans justified in vilifying Kafui Danku, a Ghanaian celebrity, simply because we revealed the price of a luxurious car she owns?