Nigerian singer David Adeleke aka Davido who is also known as “Omo Baba Olowo” is truly living up to that his acronym ‘OBO’ has he has stretch out his financial muscle in the diaspora.

The singer had promise to give $5,000 about (N1.8 million) to help boost the training of some music student in Rwanda.

Well this kind gesture has attracted some applause and also some backlash from Nigerian citizens alike.

The singer has been applauds for taking such step to help the student saying it is the right way to give back to the society, well there is nothing that has a good side that doesn’t have a bad side.

Davido has been criticized of why he had to publicize the donation, saying that it is only God that rewards so if he had done something of that magnitude it should have been between him and his god alone.

Well they say that charity begins at home, Nigerian fans are angry stating he has not done such a thing to help Nigerian music students so why will he go and do such outside the shores of Nigeria.