Promises are like babies, easy to make but hard to deliver, to the founder of the Ghana Movie Awards he is trying his best to make things work for the industry .But it seems day in and out different problems crop up from the winners of the awards.

One issue which has been very hot on most of the entertainment review programmers’ on some radio stations in Kumasi is the fact that, the organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards have neglected the akan film producers to the Cannes film festival in France.

Mercy Aseidu who won Best Actress for supporting Role in the Ghana Movie Awards is said to be granting interviews on behalf of the winners, that the organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards have swindled the Akan film makers.

The informant continued that Mercy Aseidu went on air to say that even Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa) and other winners in Kumasi are ready to boycott the next movie awards if the organizers don’t come out to explain things to them.

In a separate interview with Kyeiwaa.she narrated that although she has her own problem to the wholes drama going on in Kumasi and the movie awards saga.

She would rather not comment on it because on it because she always says to herself that Gods time is the best .She continued that she has never granted any interview in Kumasi, All she could say about the organizers of the movie awards is that they have not treated her fairly because she was suppose to have been part of the France tip.

“The organizers called me and I told them I was on set shooting so they said it wouldn’t be possible .i was surprised because .How can you call me the same day and expect me to attend to your call that same time. My brother, I can boldly tell you that the way they answered the call shows that they were not ready to make me part of them” she lamented

Talking to the P.R.O of the awards Prince Tsega.he also stated that they were supposed to pick only the winners of the Topmost awards but not all winners and it was even on a discount .But when they called Agya Koo he was busy, “When we called Kyeiwaa, she told us that she was also busy shooting. As it stands now. We have gotten the Visas for Majid, John Dumelo,Jackie Appiah,Yvonne Okoro,Roselyn Ngissah,Juliet Ibrahim and Venus films boss salam from now to 22ndMay 2011 anyone who has the Visa and is still in Ghana can Join them. I am in Ghana attending to other projects so I could not go with them “Prince Explained.

Talking to Fred Nuahmah the C.E.O of the awards who is already in France. He told us that almost all the movie stars are in France now apart From Roselyn Ngissah who is also on set shooting

For those who don’t know much about the festival, The International Film Festival was created on the initiative of Jean Zay, Minister for Education and Fine Arts, who was keen to establish an international cultural event in France to rival the Venice Film Festival.

The first edition of the Festival was originally set to be held in Cannes in 1939 under the presidency of Louis Lumière. However, it was not until over a year after the war ended that it finally took place, on 20 September 1946. It was subsequently held every September – except in 1948 and 1950 – and then every May from 1952 onwards.