Nollywood actress, Ruth Eze who is a graduate of Business Administration, has buttressed that for strong passion for acting, no man can ever stop her from fulfilling her dreams.


In a recent interview with The Independent Newspaper, the Imo State-born actress talks about how she managed to conquer the fiercely competitive Nigerian movie industry.

“I’ll never quit acting. No man born of a woman can ever stop me from acting. I love being in the movies, it makes me happy. So why would a man that claims he loves me deprive me of my happiness. Even when I’m pregnant, I will still be on location. That is just it.”

On what stands her out, Ruth said; ‘My reactions are my strength. My pretty face and nice b00bs are also part of my selling point. All the directors I work with, often tell me that I have good facial expressions while interpreting a story. In fact I even like it when men stare and admire my b00bs (laughs). Lots of people are not as endowed as I am, so I am excited to be this heavily endowed up here (points at chest)”