Nigerian rapper Yung6ix has received a high level of troll from an innocent post which he made. The rapper shared a photo of him on a hospital bed but instead of receiving sympathy he was insulted.

Many fans were not pleased on his post wondering why he would post such, well it was not intended to cause any harm but it surely did.

Of the notable comment from the post is that of Khal Mhe Pablo who told him that nobody cares about that.

This is the conversation below;

Yung6ix: “Watching the game from the hospital. This Real Madrid game is intense”

Khal Mhe Pablo: “Who cares if you are watching it from the hospital… U just jobless…E remain to tweet say you they toilet.”

Yung6ix: “It’s easy to tweet things you can’t say in real life because they will either end you in this same hospital bed or in your grave. Go on coward.”

Now a day it’s just all about trolls and badging from fans on almost every post you intend on sharing.

Yung6ix was before now trolled by Akpororo, Yung6ix had bragged that he spent millions of naira in a club on drinks and Akpororo took advantage to make an expensive joke on him saying such amount of money is enough to buy him a hit track as he is yet to have a hit record that will be well received by the public.