Sandra Amarachi Harbour whose stage name is Shamara is an undergraduate of Biochemistry at the Abia State university. The Arochuchukwu, Abia Ssate born musician who recently launched into the music scene says she’s not cut out for any form of competition though she believes her quality of music and fan base can always get her to the top.

This fast rising artiste whose debut single ‘My Style’ is currently hot on various radio and Tv stations says men have no place in her heart until she gets to the peak of career as a musician..

She spoke to Bridget Amaraegbu on why she chose music as a career and more.

Read on:

Shamara, where is the name coming from?

Shamara is a combination of my three names which is Sandra Harbour Amarachi.

Did you say Harbour?

Yes, Harbour is my surname

Is your father a white man?

No, he is an Igbo man but Harbour is an English name which simply means to keep someone safe, but he has an Igbo name too which is Obinnaya

Has this name (Shamara) given you any kind of lift in the Industry?

Yes, people are already in love with the name because they quickly accepted it, it draws a kind of attention. Some people even compare it to Shakira, Rihanna etc. And the name was given to me by one of my in-laws when I was still a child.

How long have you been doing music?

For many years, I’ve been miming other people’s songs at various shows especially in my school. I did that for so many years before I decided to take it up as a profession

Have you performed at any major show?

I performed in the last Kennis music Fiesta and also at the Future Awards.

How do you get your songs?

I write my songs my self, gathering inspiration from my immediate environment and personal experiences. I equally believe the beauty of this profession is being able to write songs yourself.

Do you have any album yet?

No, not yet. But I have some 4 singles on air. I’m currently working on my album which I believe will be ready before the year runs out. We just completed the video shoot for one of the singles My style, directed by DJ Tee which is currently enjoying massive air play.

Tinini Tanana is another of my new singles where I featured Waje that is also enjoying great air play. The other singles are I’m a woman and Street girl. The video for my style received quick acceptance from music lovers and many times people request for it on music chat from various radio and TV stations.

Are you signed onto any record label?

No, I only have a manager.

Which artiste do you intend to do collabo with in your forth coming album and how many tracks are we expecting?

The album will contain ten tracks and I intend to do collabo with the likes of Tuface, BankyW, and Kel

Have you been able to reach them?

I have contacted them and hopefully we will reach an agreement soon except for Kel whom I have not contacted yet.

Do you foresee any challenges that can hinder you from getting to the top?

My first challenge when I came into the industry was finance. I also had problem getting a good producer and director because they go a long way to affect your job. Perhaps my greatest challenge is how to be the best at what I do because we already have so many females in the industry.

Do you think you have what it tales to beat the record that has been set by your female contemporaries?

I am not here to challenge or compete with anybody. I have launched into the industry in a very unique way and I believe with the acceptance of fans, I will surely get there.

What do you think other females who are afraid of coming on board?

First they should believe in themselves and forget about challenging or competing with the already established female musicians in the country. They should also be prayerful and ask God to direct them.

As a growing child did you ever think of taking up music professionally?

No, while growing up I used to like acting so much but when I discovered some of the challenges young girls go through to get to the top, that interest disappeared.

How did your parents react to this career considering the fact that they sent you to study chemistry?

The truth is that I wanted to study medicine but was shortchanged by the school authority for Bio chemistry which I didn’t like so much.

My parents didn’t welcome the idea initially, but they gave up when they saw that music is what I really like. Somehow my mother was able to convince my father to support me.

Where are you from?

I’m from Arochukwu in Abia state

You are pretty and young, how do you cope with male admirers?

That is another challenge for me because most of them have refused to give up even when I don’t show interest in them. I try as much as I can not to allow them bother me so I don’t loose focus, men are in the least of my priority right now until I get to the peak of my career.

I know you have a boy friend?

Laughing.. I have a fiancee who is based in Port Harcourt

Does he encourage what you do?

Yes he believes so much in what I do and encourages me. Another thing is that we’ve been able to build a kind of trust in the relationship so we can afford to stay apart and still succeed

What if you find another woman in his arms?

Life goes on which was why I told you earlier that men are not the major focus for me right now.