Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, is yet to get a breathing space from fans who have continued to advise her to return to her matrimonial home after an alleged report of infidelity by her husband, Adeniyi Johnson.

The actress, who seems to care less about what people say about her marriage, has been having fun all the way without creating room for any distraction until recently when she could not bottle up her anger anymore.

Toyin was recently advised by a fan to return to her matrimonial home as no matter how happy a woman is, without a man in her life, the happiness is not complete but the actress never took the advise funny.

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According to the fan, “You might be happy but without your husband, your happiness is incomplete and we your fans are not happy with the situation on ground. Please ma, don’t leave your matrimonial home. I love you.”

Toyin who felt insulted decided to fire back by cursed the fan by stating saying, “your happiness won’t be complete without a man. Were wa lori elo mi sha, kilode? Did you people advise me to marry him? Love you more.”

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