Pretty Nollywood actress, Lilian Bash, has been missing from the big screen for a long while but she recently returned and fans have been expecting a big bang from the actress who has featured in so many movies.

Explaining her sudden disappearance from the screen, Lilian explained that she was chased out of the industry due to piracy.

She stated that being a producer is not easy in Nigeria due to piracy as when she was venturing into movie production; people she approached to see how things were being done were not ready to tell her the truth.

“I purposely took a break from doing movies. I became a producer and I wanted to be doing my own movies but piracy couldn’t allow me. In Nollywood, experience is actually the best teacher; nobody really tells you the truth. You have to go through the experience to find out what others are suffering from. We cannot continue to ignore the fact that piracy has been trying to bring the industry down. That was why I took a break. I couldn’t continue producing movies without recouping my money. It is not a good thing,” she told Punch.