Annete Dike has accused an upcoming actor, Chucks Okoroafor of running away after putting her in a family way with the hope of getting married to her..

The Abia state lady who could not hold the whole pain to herself shared her story for all to know. She said the actor abandoned her when she needed him the most. She has been passing through series of abuse and rejection from her family.And she almost dropped out of school as a result of the situation.

Annete said that she was seriously affected after the father of her son,Jesse did not come to visit her since she put to bed. She was confined to the wheel chair because she suffered from Multiple sceroris.

“ Chucks is a wicked soul and even his parents are not aware of this. I’ve been alone suffering with my son,my mother chased me out,and i have no where to stay and no one to help.

I am using this medium to call him out to come and accept responsibility for his son, thats all I ask,” she said.