Light skin actor, IK Ogbonna is becoming a very active user of social media unlike before, can we say this was influenced by his wife Sonia Morales?

Let’s not forget the fact that his wife Sonia is a relationship and life coach who is very active on social media which she uses to dish out relationship and inspirational messages.

The actor has also being dishing out relationship advice like his wife in recent time which some had earned him criticism.

Currently in Abijan, Cote D’ivoire, the father of two is on an undisclosed movie set which he shared its photos on his platform.

He further said that he discovered that Nigerians gives attention to an individual when dead than when alive which described as wickedness.  

In his words, “Let me define wickedness: Wickedness is when u see a fine picture, and you don’t like or comment on it But you are DIA like this waiting for obituary pictures before you comment. Are you a waiter? Patiently waiting for that person to die. Haba mallam , let’s celebrate life.”

Frankly speaking, he was really hitting on the truth as many are really fond of that behavior, more reason why rapper Yun6ix called out his colleagues over fake love and attention on late Eric Arugbayi.