Veteran Nollywood actor, Saint Obi whose real name is Obinna Nwafor, has passed away at the age of 57 in Jos, Plateau State.

He died on Sunday, May 7, 2023, at the home of one of his siblings.

Although the exact cause of his death is yet to be disclosed, his remains have been deposited at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH, morgue.

It has been reported that his death was not immediately made public due to a disagreement between his siblings.

Having studied theater arts at the University of Jos, Saint Obi made his debut in the acting scene in 1996, after featuring in a Peugeot commercial on NTA.

With over 60 movie roles to his credit.

Saint Obi would be remembered for his actions in the films he produced himself including his 2001 film, titled “Take Me to Maama”, where he played the character of Jerry alongside talented actors such as Ebi Sam, Late Rachel Oniga, Nse Abel, and Enebeli Elebuwa.

Let us remember Saint Obi through five of his most memorable movies

Saint Obi was an iconic figure in Nollywood, known for his remarkable talent and captivating performances. Throughout his career, he graced the silver screen with his charisma and left an indelible mark on the hearts of movie enthusiasts.

Saint Ob five most memorable movies that showcased his versatility and acting prowess.

“Sakobi: The Snake Girl” (1998)
In this supernatural thriller, Saint Obi’s portrayal of the conflicted protagonist was nothing short of mesmerizing. His ability to capture the emotional depth of the character drew audiences into the narrative, making “Sakobi: The Snake Girl” a memorable cinematic experience.

“State of Emergency” (1994)
Saint Obi’s talent shone brightly in this thought-provoking political drama. He effortlessly embodied the role of a passionate journalist fighting against corruption and societal injustice. His portrayal brought authenticity to the character, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

“Goodbye Tomorrow” (2006)
In this emotional drama, Saint Obi showcased his range as an actor, delving deep into the complexities of a grieving widower. His portrayal was heartfelt and poignant, resonating with audiences and showcasing his ability to convey raw emotions with grace and depth.

“Take Me to Mama” (2003)
Saint Obi’s performance in “Take Me to Mama” was a testament to his talent and ability to connect with audiences. The film explored themes of family and reconciliation, and Saint Obi’s portrayal of the lead character’s emotional journey was both moving and relatable.

“True Confession” (1996)
In this gripping crime drama, Saint Obi’s portrayal of a character entangled in deceit and betrayal was truly captivating. His ability to immerse himself in the role and bring out the intensity of the narrative added depth and intrigue to the film.

As we mourn the loss of Saint Obi, we reflect on his contributions to Nollywood and the legacy he leaves behind. His talent, passion, and dedication to his craft will forever be remembered by his fans and the industry as a whole. Through his memorable performances, he entertained and inspired millions, and his absence will be deeply felt.