Nollywood actress and ex Miss Amnesty International, Crystabel Goddy has revealed that she actually insured her gorgeous legs.

The issue of insuring various parts of the body among celebrities is very much obtainable in Western world especially in Hollywood where actors, actresses as well as artists would have to insure their eyes, nose, waist, leg, breast among others. 

The likes of Holly Madison insured her breast, Rihanna insured her legs, Jennifer Lopez insured her butt, America Ferrara insured her smile, Bette Davis insured her waist.

Now in Nollywood, this seems to be the first time a Nollywood actress is insuring a part of her body as Goddy has set the trail hoping that others will follow.

In her words, “Actually, it was a thoughtful acquaintance of mine who thought they were too gorgeous not to be insured, so I went ahead to do so.”