While her contemporaries have all jumped into music as an alternative to the movie thing they do, the sultry actress, Ebube Nwagbo, borne out of her relentless effort in showing appreciation to her teeming fans all over the world, more importantly Nigeria, has pitched a tent in the esoteric world of beauty as she brands a 100% Human Hair known as Posh Hair.

The new product, Posh Hair that has been certified okay by those who have romanced, it has become a toast of every highflying lady out there who wants to look posh without going bankrupt. Ever since the new product was launched in the hair and beauty market in Nigeria, the very sexy actress, whose acting prowess in Royal Palace movie shot in 2005, is still appreciated till date, has been getting a lot of calls and contacts. Posh Hair, which has the beautiful face of the screen diva; Ebube Nwagbo is manufactured in America and labeled for Ebube Nwagbo as the franchisee in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

What makes Posh Hair different from other human hair products? We inquired, “Posh Hair has a unique selling point different from other hair products around in so many ways; first, it doesn’t tangle and it’s affordable and durable. Secondly it’s the only 100% human natural hair that is non-synthetic and one can wear it over and over again unlike other substandard human wigs or hair which prices are exorbitantly on the high side and barely stand the test of time; Posh Hair is like spending less for more.” She said.

Having made unprecedented success in the movie industry in Nigeria, the beautiful actress, Ebube is set to score another feat in this her new invent as she has put every machinery in place that will compete favourably with other stakeholders

“Everybody wears weave-on but it depends on what you want to wear. When I came about Posh Hair, the first thing that came to mind was the issue of price, if one has to break the monopolistic power of some players in the industry, Price is one issue that must be seriously tackled first. And I also noticed that a lot of ladies out there wanted to look like Beyonce, Anita Baker etc by wearing their hair, and I was like, we can actually have something to do with our own movie or music stars too without spending a fortune. After that, I thought of going into the business and put my machinery in display, today, we thank God who has always been good to us that we have started something different from what my colleagues do. I have always loved to stand out anyway, so if I am doing this now, I am doing it to give back to the society that has made me as part of my social responsibilities.” Ebube boasted.

Interestingly, Ebube herself has adopted Posh as her new look (see pictures) so for those ladies out there who want to look like their movie idol or who dare to be different from the packs, POSH HAIR is the in-thing that will do the magic for you.