Ben Murray-Bruce, senator representing Bayelsa east constituency, has said that Nigerian entertainers are more popular outside the country than the Nigerian president, Mohammadu Buhari.


The senator said this in a series of tweets on Wednesday.

The 60-year-old said that Nigerian entertainers dominate foreign airwaves more than the country’s oil does.

He tweeted his opinion saying: “Take an industry like Nollywood. Oil will finish one day, but Nollywood can never finish. In fact, it will keep growing bigger every year.”

“I travel frequently and more people know of Fela, Omotola and Genevieve than they do President Buhari or the fact that Nigeria has oil.”

“Travel all around Africa. I guarantee you that in any city you go, from Cape Town to Cairo, P-Square, Tekno and Wizkid dominate the airwaves,” He continued in subsequents tweets.

Murray-Bruce, who prides himself as an advocate for common sense, made the comment in an argument about restructuring Nigeria.

He further tweeted: “Nigeria cant go on with a situation where 69% of her income is spent on 3% of her population. Restructuring isn’t an option. Its a necessity.”