Nollywood is filled with hate, envy, Rita Edochie fumes

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie has slammed her colleagues in the industry, claiming that they are envious of others and filled with hatred.

In a now-deleted post she made on her Instagram, the actress noted that the love they show to each other on social media platforms is fake.

The veteran questioned why they hated each other, the essence of the untold competition and why they wanted to kill each other.

“Sometimes, I wonder what the pride and unnecessary show-off are about when we are all going to go down one day, and it’s dust to dust.

“Why should we envy each other? Why should we kill one another? What is the essence of this untold competition?” she queried.

Furthermore, the actress spoke about what she described as a culture in Nollywood, where people are only celebrated after their demise.

She wrote, “Our film industry, where hate and envy take the lead. You see your neighbour doing well; you start getting envious; on the person’s birthday, you don’t care to show the person real love, but when the person gives up, you will be the first to circulate the news.

“They post you on their pages, writing epistles of love but the bitterness in their hearts is on another level.”