Nollywoods star actress, Uche Jumbo is hot, any day. She not only controversial, she is beautiful, talented and well-endowed in every sense. Although doing… well as an artiste, the award-winning screen sensation is equally making good impact in the industry as a scriptwriter. The Abia state born lady is also an interesting subject for a journalist’s interview as ALLEN OLUJUWON discovered when he engaged her in close-up chat. But most intriguing, he found her a thorough bred home-grown girl and a bookworm. Excerpts:

How did the journey to become an actress start?

I went to see Fidelis Duker a Movie Producer and about REEL Awards. On getting there fortunately for me there was an audition going on in his office. When I first entered the office I saw people writing names. I thought the list was those who were on appointment to see him. I never knew it was for those who wanted to attend the audition. So when I was called upon to go in and see him, what I had in mind was to discussed REEL Award. But when I entered his office the first question he asked me was: “Can you act?” And I said, “Yes”. I don’t even know where I got that boldness from. I just said that. Thereafter I was given a script to read. Then, he was preparing for a television soap, Images. Immediately, I got a role.

Some of your colleagues in also music , when are you also going to the studio to do your own album?

I don’t have plan for that. Well, it could mean that they have found another form of art like myself

Which other art form are you into apart from acting?

I am a scriptwriter



How many films have you scripted so far?

I have written six,

Can you mention them?

I wrote some alone and I co scripted others with Emem Isong. A Time to Love, Games Men Play, and others

Are you making more money as a scriptwriter than as an actress?


What is your prices like?

I believe you are not expecting me to tell you the figure, because I would not tell you

Any reason for this?

Do you want to buy a script?

You are not even sure if am interested?

Bros when you wan buy come and we go talk se fini

How many days or weeks does it take you to write a script, ?

The story line determines that. It could be three months, Six months and even a year..

Why is it that there are more male movie directors than female ?

Things are changing, at least we have the likes of Amaka Igwe, Emem Isong and others, for the fact that we have few of them as directors at present means more and more women would come on board in the nearest future

Would you also be a director?

Anything can happen,

Nollywood is said to be the third in the world, how is the acceptance of the Nigerian (Nollywood) movies in some of the countries you have visited?

It is amazing, Nollywood is a child of circumstance and over the years it has outgrown us. To God be the glory, they said we are the third largest movie producing country in the world. But then we need to do more home work to live up to the expectations. We need to work on the quality of what we produce

You are said to be working on a stage play with Segun Arinze, how true is that?

That is true. I am currently working with Segun Arinze on a play. Live theater is almost dead, you will agree with me that before now our cinema culture was almost dead until Silverbird came on. I am so optimistic, with God on our side, same thing will happen to the live theatre, as of today there are regular plays at Terra Culture and the National Troupe too is doing their best.

When your car was stolen last year how did you feel?

I felt so bad and at the same time I was confident that I will recover it, because my tithe was in the car and I did. It was God not me.

By the police?

Which police? The car was found by a good Samaritan. The police took my car to their station for four good days and they actually stole from the car. In fact I vowed not to want to talk about that issue, to the glory of God I found my car.

Do you think you could have found the car, if your tithe was not in it?

It is only God that understand what would have happened, but he never disappoints me

You are getting older, how soon will you get married?

Thanks for not asking about my age because you know I was not going to tell you. May be I should put the record straight so that journalists will stop asking this question, there are many other important issues we can talk about rather than talking about weddings.

Who are your role models?

Before the birth of Nollywood it was only Aunty Barbra Soky, I used to mimic her in the house. When home video came on board I fell love with Aunty Liz Benson’s style of acting. Later on somebody told me I look like Aunty Joke Silva. Long before I met her I have heard about her

Have you had the opportunity of acting along side them?

Yes, I have acted with both Aunty Joke and Aunty Liz but I have not had the opportunity of working with Aunty Barbra. I am looking forward to that opportunity.

How do you relax off set?

When I am not on set I go to Silverbird to watch movies and I read novels, any interesting one, action, inspirational and motivational.

How do you feel winning the Best Actress English, at the Afro Hollywood Award ?

I was realy happy. Its good to know that people appreciate what one is doing, the award has made me to improve and work harder.

What has the industry taught you?

It has taught me many things.

How do you see yourself and the industry in the next five years?

I want a better industry, where artistes would get their worth. And I want an industry where quality would be our watchword. As for me I live that to God.

Thank you

Thank you too.