Budding Nollywood film director and producer, Agubom Kingsley has declared war against teenage pregnancy as he has decided to champion the cause through his movie production.

Kingsley popularly known as Kurious K recent movie, “Shallow Mirage” is a bold step taken by him to champion a world crusade against teenage pregnancy.

Kurious noted that the rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing by the day and a lot of these teenagers lack the proper information about ways they can protect themselves during sexual intercourse.

He continued that a lot of them have marred their future through early pregnancy. According to him,” Most teenagers lack information about possible ways of protection during sex, and sex education which have eventually lured them into contacting various diseases. Because of these problems, most of the teenagers find it difficult to actualize their big dreams in life. We have come to create awareness about the dangers of promiscuity and also to suggest some possible solutions to the problems. We are going to take the campaign to secondary schools, churches, cinemas among others.”

He has decided to use theatre as one of the powerful tools for social reformation by using the movie to create awareness on some of the possible activities that could lure teenagers into unwanted pregnancy as well as solutions to check the trend.