The African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), has come a long way since its inception five years ago. It is today regarded by many as the African version of the American OSCAR Awards and enjoys international recognition for its laudable achievements.

In the last edition held at the Cultural Centre Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, on Saturday April 4th, some of the Nollywood Stars spoke with our Correspondent on their impression about the continental events; Excerpts:

Hakeem Rahman: (National Vice President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) ).

– AMAA is one of the best things that has happened to the African Movie Industry as it affords movie makers and marketers the opportunity to come together every year. It has also encouraged excellence, hardwork and competition. Nollywood has not done much in terms of producing films that can compete favourably with that of other African countries in terms of production of films of international standards. This is probably why most of the awards were carted away by other African countries like Kenya, but we hope to get better in future.

Andy Chukwu (Actor)

AMAA has really done well over the years and the organisers have succeeded in bringing us together every year, particularly our counterparts in Nigeria and Africa. In terms of the choice of winners, they are doing well, that is why the number of participants continue to increase every year. AMAA improves every year, this is why this year’s event is better than last year.

Tom Njemanze (Actor)

Nollywood is a great thing that has happened to Africa. Without Nollywood, no African Magic we are going to do more great things to show our people of Africa that we are one. In terms of choice of winners, the judges follow due process, there is no bias in their choice of winners.

Gloria Young (Actress)

For AMAA, I will say so far so good, it is something that is bringing some kind of unity in Africa and Africa in diaspora.

Abiola Akande (Madam Kofo) Actress

AMAA is a welcome development, at least we have something to look up to every year and we have not been disappointed.

Ejike Asiegbu (President AGN)

AMAA has grown from strength to strength, but it can get better. We are happy that the governors of Bayelsa, from Alamesiegha, who started the event to the present administration have been very supportive.

The relevance is to bring Stars together which translates to rapid development of the tourism sector in the States. We have to sustain the tempo.

Kate Henshaw – Nuttal: (African Best Actress 2008)

AMAA has been good. It is the best thing that has happened to Nigeria and we will keep doing it because we have the talents here in this country.

Grace Amah

AMAA is simply great, it is a name that has come to stay and I am happy for the organizers of the vent for the good job they are doing.

Colins Mcdon: -Actor

AMAA has exposed Nigeria and Africa in diaspora to the world. AMAA has gone beyond Nigeria. In the next five years when you will be talking of the Grammy awards, you will also be talking about AMAA. The choice of winners has been fair so far, we have college of judges who are men and women of intergrity, I feel their choice is strictly on merit. Those who have been chosen deserve the Awards.

Stephanie Okereke (Actress)

AMAA has helped to expose movie practitioners the more. It has also helped to encourage those involved in movie making by rewarding excellence and hardwork. The Bayelsa State government deserves commendation for encouraging AMAA.