Parents have initiated a massive boycott of movies featuring the child star players because their wards have began copying the roles these actors interprete in movies!

”Notes of cases of disrespect, and abuse of elders, extortion of peers and in some instances stealing were reportedly compared and the root cause alarmingly traced to efforts to live the characters of the movie stars in real life by the affected children”.

Are you kidding me?Is there no parental guidiance indicated on movies which might likely influence little wards?
And this is one question i am posing to these complaining parents… they leave the tv on all day for their wards?
Chaity begins at home,if you are not instiling the right thing into your kid,they will copy whatever they see!.
I guess this is a also a big challenge for nollywood…they should simply begin to shoot movies which affects their environment positively,knowing that naijas are very bad copycats,when they copy something or something,they do it to the extreme!

Aki and Pawpaw una sorry oh,time to grow up and start acting like real men in movies.wouldnt be a bad idea to pair aki or pawpaw as nice loving husbands to any of the Alist actresses would