Although, multi-talented singer cum comedian died a shocking death yesterday, Monday, March 21, 2016, lots of his colleagues have been voicing out on how the late star was neglected during the days he was bedridden and in critical condition.

Comedienne,Lepacious Bose was bold enough to speak out condemning the celebrities that has been using Late Nomoreloss picture on their respective social media handles but weren’t there to help out when he needed them the most.

However, another celebrity has spoken out in a swift reaction to the funny woman’s claims.

Veteran singer, Azadus wrote: ” May his soul Rest in peace but i totally disagree with Lepacious Bose. Not having his number or keeping in touch doesn’t make him less of anybody’s friend, it also doesn’t mean we don’t wish each other well. When my friend refuse to check me up, or the other way round, it simply means they believe i’m doing pretty good. It was this same way when i heard he got a deal in Yanky and i personally had a chat with him in celebration of his achievement. I even spoke with the guy who signed him. See, i’ll rather put the blame on people who knew about his bad health but won’t speak out. You could have said this same thing when he was alive. A true friend owes a true friend as little as that. Don’t mean to hurt anyone with these words but i won’t tolerate anyone making me feel guilty. Thanks,” he penned down.