Nollywood actor, Nonso Diobi, is still bed ridden after surviving a ghastly motor accident some weeks back and that has hindered him from returning to his movie set.

The actor had thanked God that he was able to survive the accident and be able to testify God’s love for him but decried the way some of his claimed colleagues in the movie industry had abandoned him especially now that he needed them most.

The actor, who has returned to the clinic theatre has disclosed that he cannot wait to get out of bed soon to do what he loves doing.

“It can only be God, still thanking God for my life can’t wait to get up from here and get back to work. My condition reminds me of Muna Obiekwe. Muna died not because he didn’t have people around him, but he died because those he had around him never helped him and Muna being the kind of person he was kept quiet until he died slowly and I started to ask what this world is all about?” he said.