Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu, is not relenting in her efforts to ensure that she uses her social media to educate those looking up to her in every topical issue that affect the society.

The actress has been very vocal when it comes to relationships and family structure at large and she has been getting accolades for always being bold to hit the nail on the head with her numerous advises.

Regina who has emerged as one actress that does not tolerate indiscipline of any sought has come out to warn ladies who keep running to church to look for husband to be weary of what that ask for as not all men are potential husband material.

She stressed that while looking out for these said husbands, women should note that the church is like a hospital as some men come there for treatment also while some are responding to various ailment.

In her words, “Ladies, not every dude in church is a potential husband material Ooo. Church is like a hospital. Some are responding to treatment, some are not; some came to see people who are sick not knowing they are sick too.”