Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare, is definitely a fun lover. She spares nothing to enjoy herself to the fullest and this is why many people admire her.

In recent times, she has been shuttling between Nigeria and abroad. Few days ago, precisely last week, she was reportedly out of the country, but yesterday, she was spotted in Nigeria, where she attended a colleague’s event in Lagos.

Laide Bakare told how she spends her time, saying that it is time for her to enjoy herself after working hard.

On if her frequent travelling will not affect her business, the actress responded, “No, it cannot affect it because I know my coin and I do what I need to do. I don’t miss my traveling, my fun, and I still work. All my life I have been working so it is my time to enjoy.

“This is the period, this is my fun time but trust me, I’m working alongside it. Let me tell you something, the best moment is the ones you cannot post probably the ones I get to post is the fun aspect of my life. But I still work a lot and I remember two days after my birthday, I travelled from New York to direct a movie in Maryland.”

When asked by how she manages work, fun and home, she said, “Whether my husband travels with me or not, we are all having fun, that is what a family is, that is who we are. We are not the all serious kind of family; we don’t confine ourselves because we are working no.”