The containers of illegal arms seized by security agencies in Lagos state, Nigeria’s South-West region are reported to contain artillery rockets similar to those often used by insurgents in Afghanistan.

Authorities have continued to scrutinize the arms which came through the Apapa port on Wednesday, October 27.

The National Security Adviser, Retired General Andrew Owoye Azazi told reporters at the site that authorities do not want to ”jump to conclusions” as to where the weaponry came from.

”Let’s not jump to conclusions,” Azazi told journalists after viewing the weaponry.

Officials allowed journalists to see the 107 mm rockets, rifle rounds and other weapons seized at Apapa Port and revealed that the shipment contained grenades, explosives, mortars and possibly rocket launchers. However, journalists visiting the holding yard Wednesday just inside of the port’s main gate did not see those weapons.

Authorities said the weapons were in a shipment whose manifest labelled the goods as building materials. As officials opened new containers, they pulled away yellow insulation and plastic to reach the individual crates.