Vicorjints Records International will be staging an O4kasibe Nite show by DJ Zeez today at Mazino Hotel, Ikeja, while the second phase of the show will be coming up tomorrow, Saturday, February 28, at Victory Night Club, Opposite French Village, Badagry, Lagos.

The hip-hop artiste, who recently acquired a Cadillac CTS, via his record label, Edlyne Records, is set to prove that his wave making O4kasibe is not a lyrical nonsense as purported by his critics. Preferring to be called Zeez (without the DJ), he said, there are a lot DJs coming out with mix tapes, insisting that he does not want to be seen as one. So to avoid being mistaken as one, he would rather be called just Zeez.

Explaining the meaning of O4kasibe, DJ Zeez said: “The 4 in the song represents the four cardinal points of the world; north, south, east and west. Once you’re a Nigerian doing something that reaches all parts of the world, you are in line with the concept.”

The event which is titled: “O4kasibe Nite Loud in Ikeja and Badagry” will be hosting IK Butter as guest artiste while featuring some other artistes and comedians such as: B-Quest, Suga Annie, Queen, Shanana, Tu Friends, Army B, Magoro, Laff Ambassador and Ini Obong Edo. Billed to kick start at 6 p.m., the show will run all through the night.