Baba Vanga, the Burgarian born prophetess also identified as ‘Nostradamus from the Balkans’ had prophesied that Obama would be the last president of the United State.

The meaning of this prophesy which she gave years back is yet to be dymistified, following the just concluded US presidential election that Donald Trump emerged winner. What could she had meant by that?

She was also known for her prediction of the 9/11 and the rise of the Islamic state.

 The blind psychic who died at the age of 85 in 1996 had prophesied before the emergence of President that the 44th US president would be black and he would be ‘the last one’ adding that there would be a serious economic crisis when he steps into office.

‘Everyone will put their hopes in him to end it, but the opposite will happen; he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate,’ she said.

Vanga reportedly said Europe will ‘cease to exist’ by the end of next year, leaving the continent ‘almost empty’ and a ‘wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life’
She is believed to have lost her eyesight during storm when she was picked up in a fierce gust of wind and dumped back down on the ground.

Vanga later claimed she had the ability to look into the future and quickly developed a ‘cult’ following.

After some years she became a very useful tool in the hands of  both the rich and famous with even heads of state and powerful politicians from around the world seeking her opinions.