A cult group headed by a Nigerian National who sneaked into the country few months back under the guise of religion is currently in a state of dilemma, following a unanimous decision reached by Nigerians resident in Sierra Leone. Also, Sierra Leoneans have joined in the struggle; requesting the Government of Ernest Bai Koroma to deport the leader of the cult group and his followers back to their homeland. Mr. Valentine, leader of the Ogboni cult group who is addressing himself as the Royal Highness was present at the Nigeria High Commission yesterday at a meeting when his brothers and sisters demanded that he should leave the shores of this country immediately.

At the meeting yesterday, Nigerians who are conversant with diabolical and inhuman practices of the Ogboni cult in their country told him that he has breached their peace, stability and in Sierra Leone; therefore he must leave the country.

According to Nigerian nationals resident in Sierra Leone, the group; they say is a very terrible one and deals in human sacrifices. They explained that they have been driven away from numerous countries, citing The Gambia, Guinea, Senegal and other countries in the region where the acts of human sacrifices were exposed and asked to leave. In Nigeria, they explained that parents have lost their children, marriages destroyed. Children offer their parents for rituals to get rich and parents do the same to their children. “Some of the Nigerian movies you see are real, and this is the work of cultism established in our country by the Ogboni” They added.

The Nigerian High Commissioner, His Excellency Godson Echegile pacified his subjects after hearing their views and informed them that Mr. Valentine and his Ogboni will soon leave the shores of this country shortly.

How soon was the question poised to the High Commissioner, which he was not able to respond to after he had held a private meeting at the upper office with Mr. Valentine at the Embassy yesterday.

The Union of Nigerians, whose leader and President is Mr. Abel Onomake is calling on the government to adopt a radical approach to send Mr. Valentine and his Ogboni group away from this country. “We want to stay in peace in this country and want our Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters to stay in peace also” They told their High Commissioner