Nollywood actress Oge Okoye just landed herself into a big mess. This story is a funny one because the actress forget that what doesn’t belong to you can always be verified online.

 The syndrome of picking people’s things online by celebrities and claiming that it is theirs is becoming crazier these days.

Aright,  Oge Okoye is accused of taking a picture from a public figure page and making it as hers. That was her euphoria until a  lady discovered it and exposed her.

The woman who exposed her screamed “Some lady in Africa took a screen shot of king and twirl form Kenyas page and she is claiming them as hers.

Peeps Kenyas Range Rover logo on floor mat. This lady is also an actual verified user too. Report!

 Oge Okoye had initially said about the dogs “Yippee!!! My new babies just arrived” The actual owner of these dogs is Kenya Moore.