I’m a good friend to Oge’s husband’s former wife. The reason why I decided to contact you is due to all the talks about Oge’s marriage and what is going on in their relationship and that nobody is thinking of his Dutch wife and their child together.

Well, I want to set something straight here as this is the real version of what happened. Before Stanley Duru met Oge, he was dating a girl who lives in Amsterdam. They were happy and in love, everybody knew them and they were living together.At some point, she got pregnant and she gave birth to their first child.

Later Stanley started dating Oge in Nigeria, but his Dutch wife didn’t even know about Oge’s existence. Upon his return from Nigeria, Stanley broke up with his Dutch wife and sent her away, all because of Oge. His demeanor completely

Then the Dutch wife called Barbara and found out that Oge was pregnant and that Stanley and Oge had a traditional marriage. She felt Stanley had betrayed her When the Dutch wife delivered a beautiful baby girl called Uchechi Olivia, Oge gave her husband the order not to have any contact with them ever again. On top of that, Stanley is not supporting the child financially.

Oge is doing everything possible to keep them away from each other. Everybody who sees the child knows it’s Stanley’s as she looks so much like him. What hurts me the most for my girlfriend is that Oge denies her husband has a child called Uchechi with his Dutch wife. I will try to send a picture down but I have to get it from from my friend who refuses to make this problem public because she wants peace for herself and her daughter.

I want this story to be published so that the little girl will be recognised and that the world will see that Oge has been hiding facts and lying when it comes to her marriage and her husband’s life before they got married. I also know that Oge’s marriage is unstable as we speak. When she came to the Netherlands, Stanley travelled to Spain because of their problems.

Oge came to reconcile but it didn’t work out due to her infidelities with various men. She sent her own child to her mother in Spain to be free to do whatever she wants, not because of her movie career.

Ask yourself the question why Stanley’s mother who lives in Nigeria isn’t taking care of the child, so that she can visit him more often? The answer is because Stanley’s family doesn’t accept Oge into their family due to her evil ways.

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