As individuals we all have one thing or the other that we love so much, either living thing or non living thing.

Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye has just revealed a part of her many do not know.

She is also a Dog lover like many Nigerians, isn’t that cute? When you see the lovely connection some people have with their pets, you just wouldn’t stop yourself from adoring them.

Oge recently shared a photo of herself curdling three lovely dogs, although she isn’t the owner of the pets but she shared a kind of connection with the dogs.

The diva is currently outside the country, shooting a movie as well as enjoying a summer holiday.

Although she wanted to take at-least one of the dogs home to her kids, Prince and Peal, but the owner refused.

In her words: “They missed me though, I  pleaded to take one home to meet Prince &Pearl but she(their owner) objected to that…Candy never wanted to let go of me.” 

We all know that most kids love pets especially Dogs, I guess her kids would have been happy to play with one of those dogs, because they looked amazingly neat and lovely.