Ogee Okoye, a rising figure in Nollywood says it’s her prerogative (if she wants) to be a night club crawler.

The pretty actress and married mother of two was reacting to gists going round about her love for night clubbing, saying she is a very busy person and her best way of unwinding is hanging out with friends at discotheques.

“I don’t understand what you mean by club freak. Does it mean I can’t unwind or what exactly do you mean? I grew up in London, so I have a better understanding of unwinding at clubs,” she retorted in an interview.

Okoye said there is no big deal as a married woman hanging out at a night club. She said her husband, who lives abroad, is comfortable with her night clubbing habit. “As a matter of fact, whenever he is in town, we go clubbing together and when he is not around, I go with my friends,” she said.

Wild tales have been going around on the escapades of some Nollywood actresses at night clubs, especially on Victoria Island.

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