IT is no longer news that Okechukwu McAnthony Onyegbule (aka Okey Bakassi) is now a top official of the Imo State Government . Bakassi who has been appointed into the newest office conceptualized in the history of Nigerian politics – Executive Assistant to the Governor on Entertainment, would be thanking his stars for his good fortunes. Observers however, see the development as a good economic bargain by the digital governor, Chief Ikedi Ohakim for the state where one form of event or the other is always holding. They reasoned that it is relatively economical employing Bakassi than contracting his services as a compere , stand-up comedian.

Another humorist added that as E.A Entertainment to the Governor , Bakassi could be used besides politics, for other social responsibilities as cooking, serving drinks at government functions and picking plates and bottles at the end of such events. Just humour! However, a lot of comedians and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry have continued to commend the new initiative. One of the most popular comedian that rules the south eastern enclave , Uche Ogbuagu commended Ohakim for appointing one of their own, Okey Bakassi, into his government.
He described it as the new face of leadership. Adding that the action which goes to show that comedians have capabilities that exceeds humours mongering would open a new vista in the comedy industry. Meanwhile , as at the last time Trend’tainment ran into Okey Bakassi in the Imo State Government House, he just had his new portfolio (E.A Entertainment ) but no office and no official car yet. He is frantically seeking for assistance on how to settle down. That was his induction! Hope he has been sorted out. All the same, Congratulations Mr Bakassi!

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