The determination of the people of Imo State to democratically effect a change of government come MAY 29th 2011 has finally dawned on the government of Mr. Ikedi Godson Ohakim.

The on-going voter’s registration started on the 15th of January 2011. But before then, Town Union Meetings, Club Meetings, Church Meetings, Family Meetings, Age Grade Meetings etc were held across the state and it was agreed that the fraud-infested leadership of Ikedi Ohakim must be changed. And the only legitimate means to change this government must come by voting this out. Bearing that in mind, Imo People were mandated to obtain INEC voters card.

For a government that is criminally proactive, the Ohakim leadership went into an alleged alliance with the Resident Electoral Commissioner
in the State. Her name is Mrs. Selina Okoh.

THE TRUE STORY BEGINS. The people trained to operate the voter’s registration machines otherwise called Direct Data Capture (DDC) machines were not deployed for the on going exercise. In the alternative, people who had no training were employed. This plot made some NYSC members who were originally trained for the exercise to demonstrate against the activities of INEC and Imo State Government on
the 15th of January 2011 in front of INEC Office along Port Harcourt road Owerri. Having seen that she has been exposed, Mrs. Selina Okoh simply invited the Police to arrest the demonstrating corpers.

With untrained people manning the registration machines, it is now very difficult for people in most registration centres across the state to register quickly and on time. Also there are shortage of machines in most local governments in the state. But there is an alleged assumption that registration is going on in many private residences of Ohakims Hench men (New Face Organizations Members). As a matter of fact Imo State Government House buses belonging to the Office of the Special Assistant on Political matters (Mr. Rex Anunobi) have been seen several times carrying people from a different location to another location to register them. After which their voters cards would be taken from them for “Safe Keeping” otherwise called hoarding. Also the Traditional Ruler of Nkwerre, (Eshi of Nkwerre HRH Eze Dr. Chijioke Okwara) has been identified as a government agent in this sordid behaviour and activities. He sends buses to neighboring states (Anambra State) to bring in people to register in Nkwerre LGA, bearing in mind that there would not be any governorship election in Anambra State this year.

This Selfish attitude of going to Anambra State to import gullible and docile people has inadvertedly disenfranchised Anambra state from the
on going voters registration exercise. Therefore the connivance of INEC in Imo State and the Ohakim government to short supplyregistration centers with machines, only for the same machines to appear in private homes, selected hotels (e.g. MAYFAIR HOTEL along Egbu road Owerri), Multipurpose Hall Owerri, etc to register New Face Organizations People should be condemned and investigated. Unfortunately the Police in Imo State are providing the needed coverage for this unholy activity of the state government and INEC. I say this because, when NYSC members complained through peaceful demonstration, the Police were used to effect their arrest and detention.

Now let me use Owerri Municipal Council to illustrate my argument that the Ohakim government have criminally hijacked the on going registration exercise.

In New Owerri Ward 1, there are fears that people in that ward may not be registered by the end of the exercise. The residents in that Ward said that days after the registration exercise began, no INEC Official had been sighted in several of the registration centres in World Bank and the Federal Housing Estates that make up the ward. Again in Ikenegbu Ward II, only one registration machine can be found at Ikenegbu Girls Secondary school. In Aladinma Ward 1, there is shortage of registration machine. Yet registration is allegedly going on at
ENTRACO office along Okigwe road Owerri. It should be noted that ENTRACO is the Imo state government owned agency that is manned by an Owerri indigene who now uses the office to mass register people (illegally) for the ohakim government. The remaining wards in Owerri municipal Council also experience this shortage or outright unavailability of Direct Data capture machines meant for registration.
Yet the INEC Chairman Professor Jega told Nigerians that over 130,000 machines were distributed to all the states of the country.

Now that it has become obvious that the Ohakim government is registering people in private homes in conspiracy with INEC, what they
now want to do is to bring out those machines for eventual distribution to registration centres, so as to give the impression that the machines registered people at those centres.

I therefore call on the federal Government to immediately effect the arrest of Mrs. Selina Okoh and all those involved in sabotaging the efforts of the Jonathan led government to give us free and fair election.

Mrs. Selina Okoh is now the new Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo of the present INEC. Mrs. Ayoka Adebayo is the woman who conducted the Ekiti State governorship rerun in a most fraudulent manner. Let the Federal Government of Nigeria cancel the ongoing INEC registration going on in Imo State.

I rest my pen.